Pregnancy is both an exciting and overwhelming time for many women. To ease your mind and ensure the health of you and your new baby, the team at Katie Ostrom, MD, provides high-quality services with the guidance and comprehensive prenatal care to support a healthy pregnancy. The team also helps you create your labor and delivery plan as you get ready to welcome your baby into the world. Call the office in Homer, Alaska, to schedule a pregnancy consultation or book an appointment online today.
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Pregnancy Q & A

What pregnancy services are available?

The team at Katie Ostrom, MD, offers comprehensive pregnancy care services in-office. They focus on providing you with ongoing prenatal care to ensure your health and your baby throughout all stages of pregnancy. The team can also address complications that develop in expectant moms or their babies.

Available pregnancy services include:

  • Pregnancy testing

  • Prenatal care

  • Diagnostic bloodwork and ultrasounds

  • Labor and delivery planning

  • Chronic disease management


The team provides pregnancy care for both low-risk and high-risk pregnancies in-office. They can also address issues affecting your fertility and making it difficult to become pregnant.

What can I expect during my initial pregnancy consultation?

During your initial consultation with the team at Katie Ostrom, MD, you can expect to spend time reviewing your personal and family medical history. They perform a physical exam and may order blood work, an ultrasound, or other diagnostic testing to evaluate your health and the development of your baby.

The team can prescribe prenatal vitamins and help you modify your lifestyle and diet to support a healthy pregnancy. They also monitor your weight, blood pressure, and other important aspects of your health at each follow-up appointment.

If you’re not sure you’re pregnant, the team offers in-office pregnancy testing services. If you’re unable to get pregnant and have concerns about your fertility, they may perform additional testing.

How often do I need prenatal appointments during pregnancy?

You can expect to schedule routine prenatal visits with the team throughout your pregnancy. Regular visits ensure your baby is growing and developing properly and that you’re in overall good health.

Typically, these visits happen every month until you reach week 28 of your pregnancy; after that, you should have checkups every two weeks. Following week 36, you meet with the team weekly until you deliver to ensure you and your baby are healthy.

The team helps you prepare for labor and delivery as you get closer to your due date. You can choose to deliver at South Peninsula Hospital in Homer, Alaska, and Providence Alaska Medical Center in Anchorage, Alaska. If your pregnancy isn’t high-risk, you may also consider having a home birth.

The team can provide birth control counseling, postpartum depression evaluations, and breastfeeding guidance following your delivery.

To schedule a pregnancy consultation, call the office of Katie Ostrom, MD, or book a consultation online today.

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